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pecolorLarger than Portugal, Spain, France, and Germany all together, Peru has one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. This country covers a large portion of the Central Andes, a narrow coastal desert line along the Pacific Ocean, but most of all, 60% of it remains inside the realm of the Amazon basin. Peru´s spectacular geography is expressed in over 150 different life zones or ecosystems, including some of the driest deserts on Earth, untouched cloud forests, extensive Puna and Altiplano grasslands, several permanent snow peaks crowning sub-tropical valleys, and several millions of hectares of well-preserved Amazon rainforests.  This biogeographic richness makes Peru one of the 10 most biodiverse countries on the Planet, and therefore it is an exciting place, the perfect place, for people who want to experience nature tourism, adventure, trekking, biking, photography, bird watching, and scientific research.

Imagine yourself travelling and experiencing the enigmatic Nazca lines, the surreal Paracas Peninsula, the unique marine wildlife, or the wild vicuñas not far from the coastline. Even more, imagine sailing on Lake Titicaca, hiking the impressive Colca and Cotahuasi canyons where the Andean Condor soars, or doing a walking tour in Cusco, or the mysterious Citadel of Machu Picchu shrouded in clouds where many arrive after doing from the Inca Trail; probably the most classical hike in the Americas. In addition, before or after your Machu Picchu escorted tour, you can add a highlight to your trip, such as a 2 or 6-day trip to the Amazon rainforest to visit the Manu and Tambopata rivers, both containing wildlife like nowhere else in South America, and easily accessible by commercial flights from Cusco or Lima.

Rich in pre-Columbian, Inca, colonial and republican history, Peru is also a magnet for those interested in archaeological tours, Andean revival, and ancient cultures that once ruled coastal regions and the Andes.  Ask for our Northern Peru tours including the royal tombs of Sipán, the Moche citadels, and the oldest city in the Americas: Caral, are great options for your trip.  While you visit colonial cities in Peru, you will also have the opportunity to tour museums, enjoy live Peruvian music, or taste the exceptional gourmet cuisine of Lima or Arequipa.

As travel agents and consultants we, ECOAMERICAPERU, are committed to responsible tourism.  Your visit will help us support all efforts to save the valuable and irreplaceable historical and natural heritage of Peru, as well as to secure jobs in popular or remote destinations near natural protected areas, protected wildlife refuges and historical sites, threatened by uncontrolled human impact. We hope to see you soon in Peru!