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Las Piedras River (EA 55)

Very accessible from Lima or Cusco, the Camp at Las Piedras Amazon Center is designed for expedition-style research, tours and learning programs. It has a rustic Medicine Man-style charm. For those who love nature, wildlife and raw wilderness.


An adventure from 3 – 13 days available.
The Las Piedras Amazon Center is predominantly a base for research and conservation action that has its camp for nature-loving people who can explore the beautiful landscape of Las Piedras River. Enjoy easy hiking in an extensive trail network under towering rainforest trees, and discover more of the Amazon rainforest also visiting well preserved lakes and rivers. Hikes will allow you to see different ecosystems and forest types. Besides learning a lot about natural history, you will have a good chance of encountering many of the spectacular wildlife species which live on the reserve, including some 9 monkey species, over 500 bird species, and elusive terrestrial mammals such as Jaguar, ocelot, short-eared dog, giant ant-eater, and Brazilian tapir.
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Camping tours and expeditions will often include trips to see the waterfalls that drain into the Las Piedras River on the northern border of the Las Piedras Amazon Center. Activities may also include a boat ride to the macaw claylick located on the banks of the Las Piedras River just 2 km north of the reserve, which is frequented by up to 40 Red-and-green macaws (Ara chloropterus) and about 5-6 other parrot species. Kayaking trips are available in the wet season (mid Dec to March) to visit a more secretive world of the Dwarf Caiman (Paleosuchus trigonatus) and the White or Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus). There are several high cliffs that offer outstanding panoramic views of the endless rainforest landscape covering a large portion of the reserve. The NW part of the reserve also has a large mammal claylick, a place where numerous frugivores, including large birds and charismatic megafauna, frecuently visits to feed on clayish soil strata rich in salt and minerals. There are several small and miniature oxbow lakes with abundant bird fauna including Hoatzins, kinfishers, herons and egrets and other colorful birds. Neighboring the reserve there are active Brazil nut concessions, a place where families of rainforest gatherers work collecting, processing and transporting Brazil nuts to local markets. There are two nearby communities: Lucerna and Palma Real, which offer the opportunity to experience a visit to learn about the lifestyle of local people who live from the Amazon rainforest. Members of these communities are picking and sampling bananas, papaya, pineapples, cacao, etc., all part of their income and will be an excellent learning activity. You will be led through the rainforest by an experienced guide. Optional activities can include going out with researchers to take part in wildlife monitoring activities on the reserve.
Get our quotes for minimum 2 persons.
Our accommodations vary during our camping tours and expeditions. While at the Las Piedras Amazon Center, you will be allocated a bed in one of our platforms in the main camp area. There are 8 bed on each platform. While out from the center, a 3-4 man tent will be provided for 1-2 people. There are some Tentsile tree tents suspended 2-10 meters above the ground. Bathrooms are shared.


  • Transfers on arrival and departure at Puerto Maldonado (airport, bus station or hotel)
  • Scheduled transport to and from the rainforest camps
  • A 3-4 man ground tent for 1 or 2 people sharing, or shared accommodation (beds) on a raised wooden platform shelter
  • Three substantial and healthy 2-course meals each day
  • Clean drinking water, tea, coffee and fruit juice at all times
  • Limited use of electricity generator each day
  • An experienced natural history guide (max 5 persons per guide) who will lead daily activities
  • Daily wildlife viewing hikes through the 4,500 hectare rainforest reserve, and night hikes
  • Limited excursions which may include macaw and parrot clay-lick, boat rides, mini-expeditions, community-based activities
  • Care and support from an experienced logistics and administration team based at the ARCAmazon head office in Puerto Maldonado
  • Support from highly trained and fun team of conservationists

Not Included

  • Travel insurance (compulsory for all participants)
  • Flights and/or bus tickets to and from Puerto Maldonado
  • Spending money for snacks, drinks and souvenirs
  • Personal equipment (headlamp, bug repellent, binoculars etc.)
  • Participants may prefer to bring their own tent if they would like to camp
  • Add-ons (Tours to other parts of Peru, full expeditions, tree tent stay, lazy river experience, remote native community visit, etc.)

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    • A month ago we visited Tambopata, thanks to the recommendation of David, because his experience working for many years in this area, convinced us to know the jungle of Puerto Maldonado and we do not regret it. It was a unique and wonderful experience. The whole organization was perfect for us, we felt very safe with our specialized guide and traveling by boat. Thank you for the incredible moment visiting Tambopata!

      Gunter & Kornelia Billstein (2019) Germany
    • Our trip to the Tambopata Rainforest was a great experience!

      A wonderful place to get away from the outside world and have a moment with the environment and with ourselves. Thanks to David’s experience who recommended us to visit this beautiful place.

      Esther & Marta Pinedo, Martin Bengoa & Imanol Ruiz (2019) Spain
    • Our trip was over the top!! We have had and amazing time in the north of Peru and Cusco, visiting the Lord of Sipan, Chan Chan Archeological Center, Huanchaco beach, Machu Picchu and doing vivencial tourism in the Sacred Valley with the Yachaqs Community. Very impressed with every place we visited.

      Thank you very much for organizing an excellent time in Peru.

      Terry Hesselden, Arlene Westoby & Beverly Barker (2019) Canada
    • Very impressed by the effort, professionalism and responsibility of each one (guides, drivers, etc). We are very satisfied with our trip in Peru. Knowing the Amazon and Machu Picchu were part of my best experiences.

      Debbie Yip and Grace Goh (2019) Singapore
    • We have been travelling very often but honestly speaking the tour in Peru and the services around has been the best so far! … (the) staff very friendly and the guides experienced: Mauricio and David very passionate about their job, excellent knowledge … of Peru like history, geography, politics, religion, etc, and with our drivers felt safe in all our trip… excellent!! Always supportive and very flexible. Keep it up!! Many thanks

      Claudia Signorelli & Norman Memminger (2018) Switzerland and Germany