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Birding near Cusco City (EA 113)

Andean landscapes, subtropical and other close to perpetual snow are refugia for several species of endemic and resident birds. Visit woodlands, canyons, rivers and wetlands where you will find several spectacular birds not far from the City of Cusco or the Sacred Valley of the Incas. These full-day or half-day packages are complementary to your visits to Machu Picchu or the very accessible lush Amazon rainforest.

Available all year round


Huacarpay Lagoons / Half-day
Early departure to the Huacarpay Lagoons, an ancient group of wetlands of the Cusco Valley and now listed as Ramsar Site. These wetlands are very close to the Pikillacta Archaeological Park and other preserved minor monuments of the Wari Culture. Huacarpay is well-known for the interesting mosaic of habitats including intermontane shrubby plant communities, four wetlands with swamps and marshes and pockets of wild tobacco Nicotiana sp. found in the hillsides. There will be opportunity to see several migratory shorebirds, resident waterfowl, hummingbirds, such as the endemic Bearded Montainbearer, the Black and Green trainbearers, the Giant Hummingbird and several seedeaters. Some of the most common species are the Andean Tinamou, Yellow Billed Pintail, Puna Teal, Andean Lapwing, Plumbeous Rail, Andean Negrito, White-tufted Greebe, Puna Ibis, Rusty fronted Canastero (endemic), Many-colored Rush-tyrant, Streak-fronted Thornbird, Andean Lapwing, Andean Flicker, White crested Elaenia, Variable Hawk, Cinnereous Harrier and other. Return to Cusco for Lunch.
Chonta – Apurimac Canyon / Full Day
Early departure. We will travel about three hours north on the Cusco – Lima Road, until the Limatambo Valley. There will be plenty of stops depending on the bird activity. Once in Limatambo, we will slowly hike for about one hour until the Chonta Community where we will have a picnic. Short rest before we continue hiking a trail until the Chonta Viewpoint from where the iconic Andean Condor, the largest flying bird on Earth, respected and venerated since pre Incan times, could be observe soaring over the heights of the Apurimac Canyon. Dry semitropical vegetation and patches of woodlands and shrubs are ideal to spot the Creamy-Crested Spinetail (endemic), Rusty-Fronted Canastero (endemic), Taczanowski´s Tinamou, Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant, and other characteristic species of the subtropical Andes including eagles, hawks, swifts and swallows. Return to Cusco. Transfer to your hotel (B, Box L)
Abra Málaga (Polylepis woodlands, subtropical and high-Andes bird habitats) / Full Day
Our trip will have an earlier start. We will travel 1.5 approximately and the goal is to access the Abra Málaga, the Polylepis woodlands, and other vegetational patches early in the morning. We will visit Thastayoq, one of the small villages involved in native tree reforestation as part of their commitment to environmental rehabilitation financed by tourism. Presently, these Polylepis woodlands are a rare and fragile ecosystems that congregate some of the most restricted bird species along the Andes. As we visit these Polylepis patches and wetlands we will see the Andean Goose, Blue-Mantled and Purple-Backed Thornbill, Andean Condor, Junin Canastero (endemic), Tawny Tit-Spinetail, White-Browed Spinetaitil (endemic), Puna Tapaculo, Stripe-Headed Anpitta, Ash-Breasted Ti-Tyrant(near endemic), Giant Conebill and Royal Cinclodes (endemic), among other. We will have lunch on the way to later continue in search of Creamy-Crested Spinetail (endemic), Chestnut-Breasted, Mountain- Finch (endemic), White-Tufted Sunangel (endemic), Great Sapphire-wing, and other. Trip back to Cusco or transfer to your hotel in Ollantaytambo. (B, Box L)


  • Private transportation, guide specialized in local birds, checklist, snacks.
  • Guide specialized in local birds
  • Checklist
  • Meals specified in the package. B=breakfast, BL=box luch.
  • Snacks.

Not Included

  • Personal expenses.
  • Health insurance.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
  • Personal phone calls.
  • Tips.

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  • A month ago we visited Tambopata, thanks to the recommendation of David, because his experience working for many years in this area, convinced us to know the jungle of Puerto Maldonado and we do not regret it. It was a unique and wonderful experience. The whole organization was perfect for us, we felt very safe with our specialized guide and traveling by boat. Thank you for the incredible moment visiting Tambopata!

    Gunter & Kornelia Billstein (2019) Germany
  • Our trip to the Tambopata Rainforest was a great experience!

    A wonderful place to get away from the outside world and have a moment with the environment and with ourselves. Thanks to David’s experience who recommended us to visit this beautiful place.

    Esther & Marta Pinedo, Martin Bengoa & Imanol Ruiz (2019) Spain
  • Our trip was over the top!! We have had and amazing time in the north of Peru and Cusco, visiting the Lord of Sipan, Chan Chan Archeological Center, Huanchaco beach, Machu Picchu and doing vivencial tourism in the Sacred Valley with the Yachaqs Community. Very impressed with every place we visited.

    Thank you very much for organizing an excellent time in Peru.

    Terry Hesselden, Arlene Westoby & Beverly Barker (2019) Canada
  • Very impressed by the effort, professionalism and responsibility of each one (guides, drivers, etc). We are very satisfied with our trip in Peru. Knowing the Amazon and Machu Picchu were part of my best experiences.

    Debbie Yip and Grace Goh (2019) Singapore
  • We have been travelling very often but honestly speaking the tour in Peru and the services around has been the best so far! … (the) staff very friendly and the guides experienced: Mauricio and David very passionate about their job, excellent knowledge … of Peru like history, geography, politics, religion, etc, and with our drivers felt safe in all our trip… excellent!! Always supportive and very flexible. Keep it up!! Many thanks

    Claudia Signorelli & Norman Memminger (2018) Switzerland and Germany